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A Silver Bullet Urban Gondola Transit System

If I could think of one “Silver Bullet Urban Gondola Transit System” – that is a system that perfectly demonstrates the concept of Urban Gondolas and Cable Propelled Transit, I’d imagine this:
  1. Integrated by fare. The system must use the same fare system as the rest of the city’s transit grid. It must be a part of the system. Transfers have to be included, free of charge.
  2. Physically integrated. The system must allow for easy transfers between modes in whatever way is common to that city’s existing transfer system.
  3. Multiple stations. Even if the first two are accomplished, a point-to-point system still won’t do it. If the system is point-to-point, people will still believe the technology is only capable of such, nothing more. Multiple stations are essential.
  4. Corners. Not essential, but important. People still often believe corners to be impossible. A system with corners would show the world what the technology can do.
  5. A 3S. Again; not essential, but important. It’s important to eliminate the ski lift ported into cities image. The 3S changes all that. Even better, how about Urban Concept vehicles?
  6. Hot & Cold. This one barely needs explaining. Heated and air-conditioned vehicles is an absolute prerequisite.
  7. Zero topography. The only topographical challenges the system must overcome are buildings and/or traffic. Nothing else. No rivers, no mountains, no steady and slight inclines, no nothing. Flat is what we’re talking about here. Why? Because until a system such as this is built, people will continue to believe the technology is only appropriate for conquering natural obstacles.

So far many systems exist demonstrating one or more of the above. What we need to see is one that demonstrates all of the above.

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