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Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu

A quick look at some of the things that make small (or big) space living work (or not):

If environmentally friendliness is directly correlated with living in smaller homes, then Mong Kok, Hong Kong with 130,000 persons per square km must be the world's most environmentally friendly place in the world. Image by flickr user wZa HK.


American home size in 1950: 983 sq.ft.

Minimum home size in New York State: 900 sq.ft.

In Hillsborough, California: 2500sq.ft.

How to stick it to the man (i.e. Hillsborough): Home on wheels

Size: 130 sq.ft.

Year of peak housing size: 2007

Size: 2521 sq.ft.

Projected housing size in 2015: 2152 sq.ft.

Average apartment size in Manhattan: 1300 sq.ft.

Average price of Manhattan apartment: $1.43 million

Average rent in Manhattan: $3600/month

Manhattanite Felice Cohen’s rent: $700/month

Size: 90 sq.ft.

Percentage of Hong Konger’s living in homes smaller than 700 sq ft.: 90

Percentage of Hong Kong’s private apartments smaller than 500 sq. ft: 50

Percentage more expensive Hong Kong’s real estate is compared to New York and London: 40

Size of Gary Chang’s apartment: 344 sq.ft

Number of residents: 6 (Gary, Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, 1 Tenant)

Number of rooms apartment can transform into: 20

Number of rooms in Al Gore’s home: 20

Average US household energy consumption: 10,656 kWh

Gore’s home: 221,000 kWh

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