Nov 23, 2011

Could a High Speed Test Installation Result In 65 km/hr Gondolas?

Fatzer AG is an 175 year old Swiss manufacturer and supplier of wire ropes and steel cables who’ve provided ropes for thousands of cable transit systems worldwide. They know a thing or two about this stuff. So it should cause all of us a moment of pause when a company like Fatzer decides to build...

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Nov 07, 2011
Kolmården Wildlife Park Cable Car

The Kolmården Wildlife Park Cable Car, Sweden

The issue of turns and corners always seems to pique people’s interest, so consider then Sweden’s Kolmården Wildlife Park Cable Car. Opened just recently, this 2.6 km long system transports 1,360 pphpd and includes a whopping 6 turns (5 if you don’t include the main station)! Take a look: This is a fascinating system because...

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