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Gondola Transit in St. Louis?

St. Louis' Gateway Arch, Image by flickr user Pedro Szekely.

(Voluntary Disclosure: Managers and Consultants associated with St. Louis’ CityArchRiver2015 interviewed me last month to assist them in understanding cable propelled and urban gondola transit. I received no compensation for this interview and the opinions expressed below are my own.)

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (also known as the St. Louis Gateway Arch) is easily identifiable as one of America’s most enduring monuments and national symbols. Yet despite being one of the world’s most visited attractions, the grounds on which it has sat for the last 50 years have grown tired, isolated and unused.

In response to this problem, the not-for-profit group CityArchRiver2015 launched a design competition last year. The winning group was Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates of Brooklyn, NY and final designs were unveiled at the Ferrara Theatre at 6pm on Wednesday.

Organizers look to complete the project by October 2015, the 50th annivesary of the 630 foot-tall arch’s completion.

Among the highlights? Why, a gondola, of course.

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