Apr 10, 2012
Design Considerations, Eagle Express, Hasliberg, Infrastructure

Urban Gondola Infrastructure vs. Urban Gondola Architecture

The other week we talked about the difference between those features that are intrinsic to a transit technology and those things that are extrinsic. Intrinsic features are those things that make a technology what it is; they define it. Extrinsic features, meanwhile, are those items and factors that affect the cost or operation of the...

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Feb 01, 2012
Design Considerations, Thought Experiments

Thought Experiment: Towers vs. Stations

Firstly, I’d just like to thank Nick and Julia for pitching in so much these last couple of weeks. I’ve had a hectic schedule of travel and I couldn’t have done it without them. Secondly, I want to throw a question out there for our readers: I recently got into a discussion with a project team...

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Jun 17, 2011

Ten Fascinating (and Little Discussed) Urban Gondola Transit Stations

We talk a lot about station profile and architecture here at The Gondola Project. So I thought it might be fun to track down some little know systems that most of us have probably never even heard of (let alone seen). As these are all systems with little publicly available information or research, we’re basically...

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