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Google Transit View: Rail, Subway, Airports and… Cable Cars!

We briefly interrupt our scheduled Photo of the Week with an exciting new development from Google.

Starting today, the search engine will let users preview dozens of major global transit locations worldwide with their newest Street View function. This includes 16 airports, 50+ train stations and get this, even the Ngong Ping 360 and Peak Tram in Hong Kong!

Ngong Ping 360 Transit View: Click Here or Image

Ngong Ping 360 Preview

Ngong Ping 360 Preview. Screenshot from Google.

Peak Tram Transit View: Click Here or Image

Peak Tram Preview

Peak Tram Preview. Screenshot from Google.

Map of all the covered locations:

Without having said, this option will surely help visitors navigate tourists hotspots before making their trip.

But more importantly (at least from a transit planning perspective), is that this function gives practitioners and the general public an entirely new tool to understand the integration, layout, and design of various transport facilities.

As you make your way through the system, you can literally see and experience almost anything or everything at the same time — right down the nitty-gritty details of how much snacks cost or how line queues can be designed.

The fact that two cable systems were included alongside other major transit locations is perhaps a sign of another trend — that is, urban cable systems are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

While not all urban CPT lines are fully integrated into their public transit network, they are undoubtedly vital pieces of transport infrastructure for both tourists and locals alike.

I’m not sure about you guys and maybe I’m dreaming a little, but I certainly can’t wait until the day Google maps out each and every cable car system.

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