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Philly Septa Lines Hit By Phantom Knitter

Thanks to Peter Henkelman for the tip!

Is it art?

Possibly. Depending on how you define it. If you want it to be art, then sure, call it art.

Is it activism?

In someone’s mind, it probably is. However, what the statement being made is anyone’s guess.

Is it vandalism?

Highly unlikely. But no doubt a group of people exist who’d like to pretend it is. You can be sure someone in Philadelphia is right now proposing an outright ban on knitting needle use on public transit.

Is it a mystery?

Yes, but not one many people are going to want to solve. Not less it happens again. Not unless this is the work of a serial knitter – and if you look closely, you’ll notice those are two different ‘hits.’

Is it marketing?

For someone or something, most definitely yes. Even if it’s just publicity for something as ephemeral as an idea, it’s publicity for something.

It is effective marketing?

We’re talking about it, aren’t we?

Is it legal?

Probably not, but who cares?

Is it a problem?

Only if you want it or need it to be.

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