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Swiss Teen Builds Scooter-Car, Promptly Has Scooter-Car Confiscated By Police

Swiss engineering at its finest.

'Respect' is too poor a word to describe what this kid deserves. 'Reverence' is probably more apt.

Last Friday night a 17 year old teen was stopped by the police in the Swiss town of Jonschwil when they noticed the local Töffli-Bub (Swiss German slang for “scooter boy”) driving around town in a homemade “scooter-car.”

It seems the inventive young man had created his Töffli-Auto by welding the rear end of an old Renault Clio to the front end of a moped. According to the youth, the Moped-Car can travel at 25 km/hr and has a fully-functioning brake system that has to be seen to be believed.

And how are the local authorities planning to celebrate this young man’s creativity and ingenuity?

Well for starters, the Töffli-Auto is likely to be destroyed; he’ll probably face a fine of up to 2,000 Swiss Francs; and there’s a good chance he’ll lose his existing Töffli driving license.

Way to keep a kid motivated, Switzerland. Way to go.

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