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5 Amazing LEGO Cable Car Systems

LEGO cable car. Image by Flickr user Pascal.

LEGO cable car. Image by Flickr user Pascal. (Creative commons.)

LEGO lovers have always known that the colourful toy bricks can be a (nubby) pathway to a future in architecture or urban design. Last month, The Guardian wrote an in-depth piece exploring just how useful LEGOs might be to actual life-sized city-building endeavours. We’re partial to seeing how people translate CPT technology into something that could carry those tiny smiling figures around a small-scale city or up to the peak of a plastic mountain. Here are a few of our favourite LEGO cable cars:

Detachable 3S — Kuppelbare Seilbahn
The detailed work here is nothing short of mind blowing—especially everything involved in moving the cabins around once they’re detached.

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