Jun 28, 2010
Light Rail & Streetcars, Research Issues, Urban Planning & Design

Never Mind The Real World

If I gave you the choice between a transit technology that could carry 20,000 people and a technology that could carry 6,000 which would you choose? Clearly, youd choose 20,000. Or what if I gave you the choice between a transit technology that operated at 100 km/hr or one that operated at 35 km/hr? Obviously...

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Jun 25, 2010
Research Issues, Uncategorized

8 Ways To Define An Aerial Ropeway

Cable Propelled Transit is just one segment of a technology that has dozens of names, Aerial Ropeways being the most common. But what if you broke it down a bit more? Aerial Ropeways, after all, is a pretty broad term and one that’s not really applicable to the urban area. So how about these: Resort...

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Jun 24, 2010
Koblenz Rheinseilbahn

The Koblenz Rheinseilbahn Is Open For Business

Apparently the Koblenz Rheinseilbahn just opened to the public this past month. As is typical for the cable industry, this rather monumental opening came with virtually no publicity or media awareness. In an earlier post I suggested that the installation is temporary, which apparently is a mistake. The system can be removed if need be,...

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Jun 21, 2010
Design Considerations, Urban Planning & Design

Getting Slammed

How does cable deal with high-capacity rushes? Say, after concerts and at sporting events? Or in the peak of rush hour traffic? Well that depends on a few things: What is the capacity of the system in question? If the system in question needs 4,500 pphpd at peak and you’ve built a 3,000 pphpd then lineups...

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Jun 15, 2010
Analysis, Blogs & Other Sites, Media & Blogs

Cable Misunderstandings on The Transport Politic

Yonah Freemak, the tireless creator of The Transport Politic yesterday wrote about The Gondola Project and a piece I wrote for Planetizen. Yonah takes the perspective that cable transit is an enjoyable, interesting technology and wades into the Form vs. Function debate I highlighted recently. Yonah is an excellent writer, one whom I respect deeply....

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Jun 03, 2010

The Gleagle Has Landed

Recently the Chinese motor company Geely showcased their Gleagle IG concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show. This three-seater is made of steel, is equipped with a solar panel hood and will cost only $2,250 USD. It’s said to be the cheapest car on the planet, 10% cheaper even than the Tata Nano (formerly the...

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Jun 01, 2010

Aerial Technologies, Lesson 6: Pulsed Gondolas

Pulsed Gondolas are a semi-rare subset of the CPT universe and generally not appropriate for mass transit installations. Most were built in the mid to late 20th century, and it’s uncommon to find pulsed systems built nowadays.

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May 27, 2010
Just For Fun, Urban Planning & Design

Canadians Prefer Cars to Sex

According to a recent poll by the World Wildlife Fund, many “Canadians would rather give up junk food, coffee, television and, some of them, sex rather than park their cars.” Read the whole Toronto Star article. I’m not sure Public Transit is willing to accept this. They’re too busy denying that people actually like cars....

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May 26, 2010
Thoughts, Urban Planning & Design

Transit and the Hierarchy of Needs

Over at Human Transit, Jarrett Walker has an excellent post called Transit and the Hierarchy of Needs. In it, he explores Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and its relationship to public transit. His argument boils down to this: People will only care about high-order transit concerns such as urban design and technology choice once their lower-order...

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May 24, 2010
Funiculars, High Park Funicular

Lost Toronto Funicular

I’ll admit it: One of the things I love about cable transit is the “treasure hunt” quality of the entire thing. It’s a “lost” technology with clues and remnants scattered around the world. Picking those clues up and piecing them together is – for me – one of the most exciting parts of this work....

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