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New Urban Gondola in Ulm, Germany?

Route plan of the Ulmer Seilbahn (in red).

Do we have another Koblenz on our hands here? Perhaps.

Proponents in the German city of Ulm are the latest group to suggest an urban gondola transportation system.

The system, dubbed the Ulmer Seilbahn, is a 3S system connecting the city’s train station to a nearby university, 3.3 km away. It’s estimated to cost between €35-40m and would move 3,000 pphpd.

As is often the case, a lot of what we know about the concept is lost in translation as the website is only available in German (which makes logical sense). Questions I have include whether this is a public transport initiative or a public initiative? How far along the process is this? Why 3S instead of MDG?

So as always, we encourage our German-speaking readers (or those who are better at deciphering Google Translate than I am) to chime in and help us figure this one out.

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