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Urban Cable Cars in Buffalo. Conceptual Alignment for Outer Harbour.

Similar to other citizen-developed urban gondola proposals in various American cities (i.e. Austin, Chicago, and Seattle), Buffalo is now the latest one to join this ever-expanding list.

Last Friday, Dean Evaniak, presented his idea on a CPT system for reconnecting Buffalo’s waterfront. He has made an interesting case for utilizing this technology in the city by clearly laying out and comparing the benefits and limitations of cable systems versus other options for waterfront transit.

Buffalo CPT proposal. Image from

Based on a preliminary read, the proposal seems to have much merit and there appears to be countless opportunities to enhance the area’s transport connectivity via CPT. In particular, I like how he kept the ideas open ended, thus sparking much discussion and debate on the proposal’s feasibility.

I won’t go into too much detail of his plans as he does a great job in explaining his concept in the original article.

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