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Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu: Urban Heat Waves and Islands

Record breaking temperatures are expected to hit half the US and Canada this week. Hope you guys are staying hydrated and cool cause I certainly am! Photo by flickr user dustinphillips

A quick look at some of the things that makes sizzling summer days in your city intolerable (or not):

Percentage of Earth’s surface covered by urban area: 3

First year UHI (Urban Heat Island) effect was discovered: 1810

Number of times concrete can hold more heat than equivalent volume of air: 2000

Percentage of New York’s localized warming due to “tar beaches” (black rooftops): 66

Number of heat waves per year in New York today: 14 days

Predicted number of heat wave days in upcoming decades: > 30

Temperature of a conventional rooftop at noon: 80 degrees celsius

Temperature needed to cook an egg on the sidewalk: 35 degrees celsius

Average temperature differences between industrial land uses and parkland: 4.0 degrees celsius

Number of deaths in 2003 Paris heat wave: 15,000

Across Europe: 70,000

Number of deaths attributed to excessive heat exposure in US between 1979-2003: 8000

Equivalent: Greater than total mortalities from hurricanes, lighting, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes combined

Cost to cool buildings in US per year: $40 billion

Cost of UHI effect on energy costs per year in Los Angeles: $100 million

Temperature difference between urban and suburban areas: 10 degrees celsius

Proposed initiative designed to combat UHI: Los Angeles’ Cool Communities

Number of trees to be planted if implemented: 10 million

Number of roofs re-roofed: 5 million

Annual savings from reduced air-conditioning costs: $170 million

Smog-related savings: $360 million

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