Oct 04, 2011

Pilatus Bahn

Yesterday I asked readers what this system was and why it was important: It’s the Pilatus Bahn in Central Switzerland and is interesting for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, as was the case yesterday, time restricts me from getting too deeply into it. Maybe readers could fill in some of the blanks until tomorrow.

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Oct 03, 2011

Quick Question

Not a lot of time today for a post today, but I did want to start off this week with something a little more than interesting: Now then . . . Where is it? Better yet, why should we care? The answer tomorrow.  

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Oct 02, 2011
Sunday Statshot

Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu: Science of Walking and Transit

  A quick look at some of the things that make walking and riding transit work (or not): Year when humans started walking: 1.5 million years ago Year when walking became a sport: 19th century (1801-1900) Year when most North Americans forgot how to walk: Post WWII Percentage of Americans not meeting 30 minute a...

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Oct 01, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Burnaby Phase II Report Now Available

A few highlights from around the world of Urban Gondolas, Gondola Transit, and Cable Propelled Transit: The summary report of the Phase II Public Consultation regarding the Burnaby Mountain Gondola is now available from Translink here. Alternatively, you can also download it direct from The Gondola Project by clicking here. Continuing with Burnaby Mountain, a local...

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Sep 30, 2011
Site Issues and Updates

Gondola Project Revamp

Next week Nick, Julia and I will be rehabilitating, refurbishing and revamping The Gondola Project. While the site continues to experience a growing readership and subscriber base, there’s simply too many usability issues. We want to make the site as useful and easy for people as possible and it just isn’t right now. Three things...

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Sep 29, 2011
Bucharest Urban Gondola

Urban Gondola For Bucharest: Most Ambitious Cable Transit Plan Ever?

Rendering of a potential urban gondola station in Bucharest, Romania. Reports surfaced yesterday about plans for an urban gondola transit system in Bucharest, Romania. If the reports are true, the system will be one of the most ambitious and robust Cable Propelled Transit systems the world has ever seen. The system would be 10 km...

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Sep 28, 2011

Human Transit (The Book)

Jarrett Walker has posted the full introduction to his forthcoming book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives. It’s well worth a read. Please check it out – and buy it when it comes out later this winter.

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Sep 27, 2011
Economics, Thoughts

Should It Be?

A strange thing happened during yesterday’s discussion of the spiralling costs of the London Thames Cable Car: Like any time before when the topic of urban versus resort installations comes up, the de facto response is: Well, duh, of course it’s more expensive to build in cities and for government. You’ve said it. I’ve said it....

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Sep 26, 2011
Economics, London Cable Car

Exploring the Thames Cable Car Costs

Over the weekend it was announced that the estimated project cost for London’s Thames Cable Car (Gondola) has ballooned to an estimated £60m. For those interested, that means the system will cost roughly $100m USD per kilometer. With the possible exception of the Caracas Metrocable (whose finances are discussed here), the London Thames Cable Car...

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Sep 25, 2011
Sunday Statshot

Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu: Zeppelins and Airships

  A quick, fun look at the history of Zeppelin travel and its (im)possibility for future applications: Year which Zeppelin idea first materialized: 1874 Year which Wright Brothers first took flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina: 1903 Speed of initial Zeppelins: 21km/h Zeppelin length: 126m Bus length: 12m First successful Zeppelin: LZ3 Total kilometres travelled:...

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