Video Gallery

**Recently updated**

For more information on specific gondola lines, here is a compilation of some of the best videos related to CPT technology.


Télécabine de Constantine (Constantine) – from GP post
Télécabine de Tlemcen (Tlemcen) – from GP post
Télécabine de Skikda (Skikda) – from GP post


Hungerburgbahn with Timelapse video (Bolzano) – from GP post


Moradores do Complexo do Alemão (Rio de Janeiro)
BBC: Cable Car Flies Over Rio de Janeiro Slum (Rio de Janeiro) – from GP post


On the Shoulders of Giants — A Story About Innovation, Passion, and the Peak 2 Peak Gondola (Whistler)


Chongqing Cable Car — now retired (Chongqing) – from GP post


Eco-friendly Transit in Colombia (Medellin) – from GP post
Medellín Metrocable Helps City’s Poor – RCN News (Medellin) – from GP post


Emirates Air Line Test Run (London) – from GP post


BUGA Koblenz 2011 – Seilbahn (Koblenz)
Rostock BUGA Gondola (Rostock) – from GP post


The Yoshino Ropeway (Yoshino) – from GP post


3S Rittener Seilbahn Funiva del Renon (Bolzano) – from GP post


Floriade 2012: Kabelbaan (Venlo) – from GP post


Roosevelt Island: an Island Place (New York City)
Roosevelt Island Tram: Original Video (New York City) – from GP post
Of the Air, Of the Earth: The Story of the Portland Aerial Tram (Portland)
Spokane Falls Skyride (Spokane) – from GP post


The Metrocable of San Augustin (Caracas) – from GP post
Caracas Cable Car, Skyhigh Savior (Caracas)- from GP post
The Teleférico de Mérida Rebuild (Mérida) – from GP post

Other Interesting Cable Related Videos

Building the Obudu, Nigeria Cable Car – an interesting look at how cable systems are manufactured off-site, shipped to the site and then assembled onsite

Cable Splicing – one of the most specialized jobs in the world