Doppelmayr Annual Brochure 2017

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Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group Worldwide 2017 Annual Brochure.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of passenger ropeways, has published their highly anticipated 2017 Annual Brochure. For this year’s report, over 100 installations have been documented alongside spectacular visuals.

A total of 84 customers around the world chose the world-renowned technical experts at Doppelmayr to construct 3 Funicular Railways; 6 Reversible Aerial Tramways; 29 Detachable Gondola Lifts; 28 Detachable Chairlifts; 17 Fixed-Grip Chairlifts; 19 Surface Lifts; 2 RopeCons; and 1 Monorack.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa ropeways are found in 91 countries.

While each ropeway is a unique system in and of itself, we’ve hand picked a few honourable mentions with relevancy to city-building and design excellence.

100-FUL Lugano Citta-Stazione FFS

100-FUL Lugano-Citta Stazione FFS

Since the Lugano Citta-Statzione Funicular was originally built in 1886 to provide service between the historic downtown to the city’s main railway station, the funicular remains one of Switzerland’s busiest bottom-supported cable systems.

To increase capacity and improve passenger service, the funicular was overhauled in 2016 by Doppelmayr/Garaventa. The company was responsible for project planning, engineering, and, delivery and installation of all the electromechanical equipment (including cabins).

Thanks to the modernization program, the 206m funicular can now transport 2,240 passengers per hour.

10-MGD Linea Azul I and 10-MDG Linea Azul II

10-MGD Linea Azul 1 and 10-MDG Linea Azul II

Linea Azul (English: Blue Line) is the fourth urban transit cable car in La Paz-El Alto’s Mi Teleférico network and the first ropeway for Phase 2. While technically it is built as two independent rope lines, the cable car has been designed so that passengers can seamlessly travel from terminal to terminal without having to change systems.

The cable car’s rope was installed using a drone technique specifically designed for Doppelmayr. The drone, known as an Octocopter, carried and strung an auxiliary cable, which in turn was used to install the final rope. The flexibility and compact size of the drone is an ideal solution for complex urban environments.

At a capacity of 3,000 passengers per hour per direction, the 5km system greatly enhances transport for those living in El Alto. It flies above Latin America’s biggest street market and connects students to University UPEA. For even greater convenience and connectivity, the system has been integrated with Linea Roja (English: Red Line).

6-MGD Wynn Palace Skycab

6-MGD Wynn Palace Skycab

The opulent Wynn Palace casino and resort in Cotai, Macau features a luxurious 6-person gondola that transports guests around the venue’s 3.25ha Performance Lake.

Climbing to heights of 30m, guests are afforded aerial views of a dazzling light and water shows at the lake. The gondola travels in an unidirectional, circular route with two customized golden dragon towers. To maximize comfort, ride experience and safety, the gondola is equipped with air-conditioning, LED night illumination, a communication system and CCTV.

Doppelmayr was able to meet the client’s stringent technical requirements with the implementation of a newly designed mounting system. Simply put, this mounting system ensures that adjacent rooms connected to the gondola experience zero noise and vibrations. Reduced sound and vibration emissions ensures a more pleasant and undisturbed visit for guests.

10-MGD Giggojochbahn

10-MGD Giggojochbahn

The new 2,648m Giggojoch cable car is built with Doppelmayr’s next generation of ropeway solutions, the D-Line. At a line capacity of 4,500 passengers per hour per direction, it is the world’s highest capacity monocable detachable gondola.

A total of 134 cabins transport skiers at speeds of 6.5m/s (23.4km/h) from Sölden to Giggojoch. Thanks to Doppelmayr’s innovative D-Line solutions, passengers experience top ride comfort onboard a ultramodern cable car.

230-ATW Ha Long Queen Cable Car

230-ATW Ha Long Queen Cable Car

The 2,165m Ha Long Queen Cable Car in northern Vietnam crosses the world famous Ha Long Bay en route to an observation wheel. Passengers board the ropeway in Bai Chay district in Ha Long City before taking flight to the top of Ba Deo Hill.

The aerial tram simultaneously set two new ropeway records for tallest tower and largest cabin. Its double decker carriers were designed by CWA and can accommodate up to 230 passengers. Furthermore, as the number 8 is considered lucky in Vietnam, Doppelmayr/Garaventa was able to precisely design a record setting tower at 188.8m.

This demonstrates how Doppelmayr/Garaventa is up to task to satisfy any technical and cultural requirements of a ropeway project. The aerial tram was built in just 19 months, and adheres to all the applicable European standards/codes (CEN standards) for ropeway construction.

To read and learn more about Doppelmayr’s cable installations from 2016, please click here.

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Want more? Purchase Cable Car Confidential: The Essential Guide to Cable Cars, Urban Gondolas & Cable Propelled Transit and start learning about the world's fastest growing transportation technologies.

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