LEITNER Ropeways: 2017 Annual Report

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LEITNER has been producing ropeways since 1888 and is one of the world’s largest ropeway manufacturers. Images from LEITNER.

LEITNER ropeways continues to build on its success in 2017 by implementing 32 systems in 12 countries. Ropeways installed by LEITNER combine technological advancements and superior design techniques to produce cable lifts that contribute positively to both the touristic and urban environment.

Innovative products such as LEITNER’s DirectDrive and LeitControl are setting new industry standards while providing customers with state-of-the-art transport solutions.

New cabin and station designs are now possible thanks to a cooperation with Italian design studio, Pininfarina — the designer of Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. Overall, 2017 was marked by memorable system openings and strong outlooks to the future.

Upcoming Projects

Rendering of upcoming Jennerbahn. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

In Fall 2018, the world’s highest 3S gondola (3,821m), Zermatt Bergbahnen, will be opened to connect Klein Matterhorn. The new cable car will improve the ride experience and increase capacity to the glacier by 2,000 persons per hour. For urban mobility and tourist applications, four projects are underway. Be on the lookout for upcoming ropeways being implemented in Dharamsala (India), Sacheon (Korea), Trabzon (Turkey) and Tibidabo (Spain)!

Berlin’s First Gondola Lift in 50 Years

The IGA gondola is built to transport 3,000 passengers per hour over 64 cabins. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

In just six months, the new 1.5km urban gondola built for Berlin’s “Gardens of the World” horticultural show (IGA 2017), was able to carry three million passengers. Not only did it transport IGA visitors, the cable car became an instant hit for locals looking to escape to the 40+ hectares of urban greenspace. The cable car is conveniently located next to the Kienberg subway station on Line 5 and will continue to operate as top city attraction after the horticultural show ends.

Soaring Above a Turkish Seaside Resort Town

8-passenger gondola lift in Alanya provides aerial views of the entire city. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

The Turkish beach resort city of Alayna is now home to a new 8-passenger gondola lift. The 847m cable car overcomes a height difference of 151m to connect the famous “Cleopatra” beach to the medieval fortress known as Alanya Castle. The cable car is capable of transporting 1,156 passengers each hour and has dramatically improved access to two of the city’s biggest visitor nodes.

Improving Access for Pilgrims in Northern Mexico

The 8-passenger gondola lift in Torreón can transport up to 750 passengers per hour over 18 cabins. Image by LEITNER ropeways.

Before a 1.5km urban gondola was built in Torreon, Mexico, pilgrims and tourists had to make an arduous trek up Mount Noa to visit the Christ statue. However, thanks to the new cable car, visitors can comfortably and conveniently travel from the city center to the hill in just five minutes. A mountain bike route was planned in conjunction with the ropeway to further enhance recreational amenities atop Noas hill.

This article simply provides a select overview of LEITNER’s cable car projects in 2017. Dozens more ropeways are beautifully catalogued in this year’s annual report. To read and learn more about these installations, please click here.

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