LEITNER Ropeways 2016 Annual Report

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LEITNER Ropeways 2016 Annual Report.

LEITNER Ropeways, a world leader in ropeway manufacturing and design, has released its long-awaited 2016 Annual Report.

The South Tyrolean company expanded its presence in both alpine and urban mobility settings with the implementation of dozens of innovative cable-driven systems worldwide. Since 1888, LEITNER Ropeways has been building cable lifts renowned for their premium quality, superb functionality and sophisticated design.

This year’s annual report celebrates the company’s 40 installations built in 2016 which are now found in 11 countries. A select number of ropeway are highlighted below thanks to the impact and achievements that they have had in providing high-performance and energy efficient transport in the urban and ski transport settings.



The PisaMover is an automatic people mover designed with LEITNER Ropeway’s MiniMetro technology. The 1,760m bottom-supported ropeway provides passengers with a quick and comfortable five minute connection between Galileo Galilei Airport, an intermediary 1,400 space car park (San Giusto/Aurelia) and Tuscany’s central train station (Pisa Central).

Before the introduction of the PisaMover, passengers travelling between the central district and the airport had to rely on polluting, and inefficient buses that were often stuck in heavy traffic. However, thanks to the new cable drawn people mover, an estimated two million passengers will be able to reach their destination comfortably with reliable travel times.

LEITNER Ropeways won the contract to build the PisaMover in a public-private-partnership arrangement alongside Italian construction company Condotte d’Acqua.

TD32 EISGRATBAHN I+II Neustift (Stubai) / AT


The Eisgratbahn is truly a pioneer in the world of ropeway innovation and design. At 4.7km in length, the Eisgratbahn is the Alps longest tricable detachable gondola and is the world’s first tricable gondola that features non-stop operations between two sections.

This means that passengers can reach Stubai Glacier hassle free as they can travel the entire length of the system without having to disembark and reembark. The ride experience is further enhanced with spacious boarding areas, panoramic glass windows, real leather seats and Wi-Fi in all cabins.

This tricable gondola is the first ropeway to feature the brand new “Symphony” cabins that were created by sports car designer, Pininfarina. Lastly, LEITNER’s energy-efficient and gearless DirectDrive system was also installed for the first time on a tricable gondola.



Opened on October 4, 2016, Mexicable is North America’s newest urban gondola and Mexico’s first public transit ropeway. The 5km cable car is built with detachable technology lift technology, and carries 17,000 passengers each day via seven stations. The system is located Ecatepec de Morelos, a district 25km northeast of Mexico City.

The Mexicable was built as part of a larger social redevelopment project which aims to not only improve travel time and safety, but to enliven the cityscape through public art displays. The system operates for 17 hours each day and has contributed to a higher quality of life for residents living in the densely populated district.

Commuters in the past spent 50 minutes on crowded and uncomfortable buses. However, thanks to the cable car, riders can travel the same distance and reach the main road connecting to Mexico City in just 19 minutes — a time savings of 62%! LEITNER Ropeway’s exclusive in-house and gearless drive solution, DirectDrive, was installed for the first time in North America onboard the Mexicable.


GD10 Berlin IGA 2017

Berlin’s 2017 International Garden Show (IGA 2017) has featured a spectacular 1.5km urban ropeway as one of the horticultural festival’s main centrepieces. With over 5,000 events spread out over 104 hectares, IGA 2017 will function as a platform for intercultural dialogue and innovation. The event is designed with a focus on green urban spaces and culture, making the gondola a perfect fit for the horticultural exhibition.

Thanks to the cable car’s direct connection to the subway, the estimated two million visitors to the garden show will have access to sustainable and fully accessible transport. As the investor, builder and operator of the IGA 2017 gondola, LEITNER Ropeways played a unique role in helping implement this cable car.

While the garden show will come to an end in October 2017, the urban gondola will continue to operate thereafter. As such, residents living in Marzahn and Hellersdorf district will have a quick and convenient public transit connection to the subway and city centre.

To read and learn more about the cable cars built by LEITNER Ropeways in 2016, please click here.

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