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Aug 03, 2023
System Dossier


Post by gondola-project

With 2.3 million residents, Cali is the third most populous city in Colombia. Coincidentally, in September 2015 it became the third Colombian city to implement a Cable Propelled Transit line (after Medellin and Manizales).

This 2.0km transit system, named MÍO Cable (English: My Cable), is fully integrated with the city’s public transportation network and directly serves the 120,000 residents of Siloé. Siloé is one of Cali’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods and because it is situated on hilly terrain, it was nearly impossible to implement traditional rapid transit solutions cost-effectively.

Since MÍO Cable opened, travel times to the central bus station, Cañaveralejo, has been reduced to just 9 minutes from 35 minutes in the past (a 74% reduction in travel time!).

LEITNER Ropeways was the manufacturer of this urban cable car. It is the sixth ropeway that the company has built in Colombia.

The system began operations in September 2015, but residents were welcome to ride free of charge until November. Since the promotional phase ended, riders pay a fare of USD $0.60 (COP $1,700). Residents can travel conveniently throughout the community as the system is operational for 18 hours a day (5am – 11pm). During its first week of commercial operations, the system already transported 16,000 residents!

System Statistics

Length (km)2.0
Year Opened2015
Capacity2,000 (up to 3,000)
Trip Time9 minutes
Maximum speed (m/s)5


Image credits: CC BY-SA 4.0, by Sahaquiel9102


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