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Aug 30, 2023
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Paris Cable 1

Post by gondola-project

Cable 1, also known as C1, is a 4.5-kilometer monocable detachable gondola (MDG) under construction in Île-de-France that will connect Créteil to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. The system is the first of its kind in Île-de-France and is meant to combat daily traffic issues for residents in the Val-de-Marne area. The system will also connect the towns to the rest of the city and its services and facilities such as hospitals, universities, and metro and bus stations. 

The C1 project has been underway since 2019 with public inquiries and studies being carried out by Île-de-France Mobilités working closely with the local authorities of the connected towns. Doppelmayr was chosen to design, construct, and maintain the system. The construction cost of C1 is estimated to be €132M ($143M USD) and will be co-funded by the State (Préfecture de La Réunion), the Region (Région Île-de-France), the Val-De-Marne Department, and Île-de-France Mobilités.

The design was certified High Environment Quality (HEQ) – Sustainable Infrastructures ©, which has directed efforts towards the conservation and preservation of the surrounding areas. Extra attention has been given for the ecological challenges that may take place at the different sites before, during, and after construction. One example of those efforts is working on some of the stations’ construction during the winter months to avoid breeding seasons for birds and bats. The design also aims to provide continuity between the added technology and the existing surrounding landscapes through both design and materials.

Cable 1 is planned to link to existing transit systems, connecting to the public bus network as well as Metro 8. The system is also planned to be 100% accessible to everyone, with ease of access to the loading and unloading areas and the ability to transport bikes and strollers. 

Currently, excavation is underway at the site of the future Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Station, and construction has begun on the Pointe du Lac Station in Créteil. With construction underway, the system is expected to be operational by 2025. Check out the latest construction news here.

Check out more on Île-de-France Mobilités’ official website.

System Statistics:

Length (km)4.5
Projected Opening Date2025
Cabin Capacity10
Wait Time Between CabinsLess than 30 seconds
Capacity (per day)11,000 Passengers


Image credits: Romain Ghomari


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