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Aug 31, 2023
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Cablebús Line 3

Post by gondola-project

Line 3 of Mexico City’s Cablebús system is under construction and anticipated to open to the public in December of 2023. The monocable detachable gondola system would include 6 stations over a distance of 5.42 kilometers (3.36 miles), and would connect all four sections of the the iconic Chapultepec Forest. It is part of a federal project with the support of UNESCO to transform the forest into the largest spaces for cultural recreation and social integration in the world.

Lines 1 and 2 of the Cablebús system, though relatively new with opening dates in 2021, have been widely successful. Similar to those two lines, Line 3 will provide connectivity to areas currently underserved by the existing Mexico City public transportation network. The population in the Santa Fe area is expected to benefit most from the line. It will also provide a connection to the Tren Interurbano train and the Metro Constituyentes subway station. Additionally, the system will connect numerous cultural destinations related to the Chapultepec “Nature and Culture” project, therefore targeting both local commuters and tourists alike.

System Statistics:

Length (miles)3.36
Projected Opening DateDecember 2023
Cabin Capacity10
Travel Time21 minutes


Image credits: Doppelmayr


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