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Sep 28, 2023
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IJbaan Cable Car Amsterdam

Post by gondola-project

Amsterdam has created plans for a 1.5-kilometer cable car to ferry passengers across the river IJ between Amsterdam West and Amsterdam Noord (North). The system is intended to be a public transit system for commuters over the river and create access to the new district in Amsterdam Noord called Haven-Stad, which plans to be a mostly car-free residential and work district.

Amsterdam is a biking city and the new system will provide easy transport for cyclists. The system will be 100% electric and will not limit shipping activities in the canal below.

IJBaan Amsterdam was set up in 2015 to organize crowdfunding and support the initial feasibility study.  UN Studio has been a part of the initial architectural concept design for the project. Check out their designs here.

In May 2023, the system was greenlit for construction. The plan is for construction to begin in 2025 and for the system to be operational in 2027. The project is estimated to cost around 90 million euros and will be funded by private investors.

For more information, check out the project’s official website here.

Length (km)1.5
Ride Time4.6 minutes
Number of Cabins38
Cabin Capacity32-37 passengers or 10 with bikes
Speed (km/h)21.6
Capacity (pphpd)5,500



Image Credits: UNStudio


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