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Apr 19, 2024
Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Scenic Estes Park Tramway Survives Under New Ownership

Post by gondola-project


  • CUTRIC posts in-depth study on non-traditional modes of transportation, one such mode being Aerial transit systems. The study focuses on use cases for the various modes and concludes that aerial ropeways are practical solutions for urban mobility, yet are environmentally sustainable. The study provides existing examples of urban aerial ropeway systems and details on the specific types. It also provides cases where aerial ropeways would be a beneficial transportation solution, and other important considerations regarding potential future installations.

  • Estes Park Tramway is set to reopen under new ownership in May. The original system was built in 1955 by Robert Heron and is the first scenic tramway of its type. The aerial tram climbs 1,100 feet to the summit of Prospect Mountain in 3.5 minutes. Over a year ago, after the caretaker of the system passed away, the Heron family announced that they would be closing the iconic system unless they could find a new operator. Gondola Ventures LLC stepped in as new ownership and will be re-opening the system for the 2023 season. Planned upgrades include a repaved parking area, architectural improvements, accessibility improvements, and several other changes. SCJ Alliance, the parent company of the gondola project, is retained for gondola expertise on the project.

  • An unfortunate fatal cable car accident results in one dead and seven injured in Sarisu area of Antalya Province, Turkey. The cable car cabin broke apart after colliding with one of the lift supports. The rescue operation included helicopters, cranes, and hundreds of rescuers to safely evacuate the 174 passengers in the rest of the cabins. Some passengers were not rescued from the cabins until the following afternoon due to the rugged terrain and high winds. One of the passengers who fell from the cabin died at the scene. Several others were transported to the hospital.

Image credits to seaview99, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED) via Flickr.


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