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Cable Splicing

Last week’s post about six common uses for steel cables generated significant conversation and questions about the cables themselves. One question that was not asked, however, was how a company goes about splicing the two ends of a cable into one continuous loop.

I’m told this is one of the most impressive aspects of a cable system’s installation and is something I, myself have never witnessed. Only a handful of people worldwide are licensed to do this incredibly specialized operation. This multi-day operation involves a team of individuals untwisting tens of metres of steel cable and then re-twisting the two ends together at regular intervals in order to complete one single complete loop.

It is also this section of cable that is the most vulnerable to damage, thus the specialized nature of the operation.

For a great insight into this, check out Lift Wold’s cable splicing photo essay to see a cable splice, step-by-step.

Pretty impressive stuff.

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