Aug 08, 2011

CABLEGRAPH: Gas Prices vs Public Transit

How does the trend of increased ridership match up against the local gas prices in Toronto? Stuck between budget cuts and politics no one can ignore the increase in both fuel costs and public transit ridership. So the question is, how many riders will it take to shift attention over to public transit funding, infrastructure...

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Jul 05, 2011
Public Transit, Toronto Metrocable

TTC makes ‘dumbest decision ever’

The Globe and Mail has an excellent, informative and highly entertaining piece today about what former manager David Gunn thinks about the myriad of mistakes and foolish decisions the Toronto Transit Commission is currently making. As a native Torontonian and constant user of the system, a lot of what he has to say makes perfect...

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Jul 01, 2011
Public Transit

Toronto Transit Commission to Charge Riders For Next Vehicle Information

An article in yesterday’s Toronto Star caught my eye. Apparently the Toronto Transit Commission is preparing to charge its riders 15¢ for every sms they receive from the system’s next-vehicle text system. Says The Star: TTC staff want to charge customers 15 cents to use the next-streetcar text message system when the service expands to...

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