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Jul 05, 2011
Public Transit

TTC makes ‘dumbest decision ever’

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The Globe and Mail has an excellent, informative and highly entertaining piece today about what former manager David Gunn thinks about the myriad of mistakes and foolish decisions the Toronto Transit Commission is currently making.

As a native Torontonian and constant user of the system, a lot of what he has to say makes perfect sense to me but may come as a surprise to regular Toronto transit users. It’s well worth the read.

Most interesting, I think, is when Mr. Gunn says “North-south capacity on Yonge is the TTC’s big problem. So, what are they doing? They’re planning extensions to feed the Yonge line.”

Couldn’t agree more.

But just for the sake of being provocative: Wouldn’t our Mini Downtown Relief Line solve part of that problem?

Just saying is all.

Thanks to Aslam for sending along the link!


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