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Nov 21, 2010
Sunday Statshot

Sunday Morning Statshot

Post by nickchu

A quick look at some of the statistics that make your cities work (or not):

Star-gazing transit style: Grand Central Terminal

Earthquake + train tracks: Spaghetti tracks

Beijing cabs attached with GPS device: 33,000

Days to build hotel in Shanghai: 6

Days expected to build Sagrada Familia (ongoing): 52,560

Cost of transit service for transit employees: Free

% of LA Metro’s employees who possess a TAP card (transit pass): 17%

Total employees: 9200

Number of employees using transit service: 155

% usage: 1.6

% of LA Metro employees using transit service: 1

% of Singaporeans living in state-provided Housing Development Board flats: 82

Africa: African Elephants

South Africa: White Elephant

Original cost of 2010 World Cup stadiums in 2004: $300 million

Final cost: $3 billion

First autobahn: 1930s

Entire network length: 13,000km

Maximum speed limit: None

Maximum speed limit US: 75 mph

Transit accessibility news Vancouver: PrioritySeating

World’s only urban planning high school: Esteban Torres High School

World’s oldest suspended monorail: Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Weekday passenger ridership: 82,000

Cost: $110 million (today dollars)

Cost for 1 mile of LRT: $120 million

Controversial Mississauga bus ad: Freeze immigration

Monetary cost to replace Washington’s faulty subway cars: $1 billion

Human cost: Deadliest crash in Metro history


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