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Sep 12, 2017

World Map Update (Sept 2017): Urban Gondolas, Cable Cars and Cable Propelled Transit

— Since our last update to Gondola Project’s world map six months ago, urban cable cars have continued to make their presence felt around the world. For this update, we have been able to track a total of 28 new proposals — that’s about 8 more proposals than the preceding six months. Eight projects have also...

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Mar 23, 2017

World Map Update: Urban Gondolas, Cable Cars and Cable Propelled Transit

— Spring has sprung so we decided to do some housekeeping at the Gondola Project and update our urban gondola map. Since our last update in November 2016, we’ve documented another 19 new urban ropeway proposals  — pushing the total proposal list to over 140. For new urban cable car lines, three systems have since opened for...

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Nov 16, 2016
Site Issues and Updates, Updates

World Map Update: More Cable Propelled Transit and Urban Cable Cars

The urban cable car industry continues to grow and make headways around the world. In October 2016 alone, 8 new systems were proposed. To properly reflect the status of Cable Propelled Transit systems, an update to the world urban gondola map has been made. — — PROPOSALS ADDED Banff, Alberta (October 2016) Boracay, Philippines (October...

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Nov 13, 2015
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Recent Ropeway Roundup

  Bogota Metro and Metrocable Up in the Air “Seeking clarity on the new administration’s plans,” Colombia’s National Development Fund has paused the tendering process until February, 2016, effectively pausing infrastructure plans. More. “Boom!” Editorial Questions Cable Car Construction in Korea Right now, there are over 30 gondola projects being planned or promoted in Korea....

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Oct 14, 2015
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Update: Systems Added to Urban Gondola Map

— You know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or in our case, the world’s first and most comprehensive urban gondola map (full map via Google) but that’s harder to rhyme. We’ve had a few requests the past week so we’ve gone ahead and made a few changes: Added two Algerian urban...

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Oct 06, 2015
Public Transit, Site Issues and Updates, Updates

Where to find existing and proposed URBAN GONDOLAS

— To further enlighten those interested in urban cable cars systems, the Gondola Project has begun mapping them out (link 1 – Gondola Project; link 2 – Full Map via Google). First, we’ve organized existing urban systems. You can navigate/locate these two ways: Visually locate the system and/or Zoom into system’s location and find the alignment...

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Aug 05, 2015
Announcements, Cable Transit Industry, Updates

New Urban Gondola in Bogota

  Bogota, Colombia’s capital city of 6.7 million residents, will be adding an urban cable car system to its transit network. Doppelmayr, the world leader in ropeways, won and signed the contract to build this aerial transport system on July 16, 2015. Similar to many other urban cable cars in South America, Bogota’s detachable gondola will be...

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Jan 05, 2015
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New Year, New Gondola Project

Back in November, the Gondola Project celebrated its fifth anniversary (!) by expanding its staff to include an Editor-in-Chief — namely, me.  Over the course of its 1,892-day existence (so far), the creators of this site have been working tirelessly to provide readers with an informed yet accessible overview of all the cable-propelled transit developments...

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