New Urban Gondola “Discovered”: The Manizales Metrocable

Post by Steven Dale

I don’t know how (or why) this happens (take Rio, for example), but somehow the Metrocable in Manizales, Colombia has completely slipped under the collective radar of the english-speaking world – for the last 2 years!

From the little we currently understand, the Manizales Metrocable opened in 2009, system carries 1,400 pphpd, has three total stations and cost roughly $27M USD. We can’t locate any system length.

As usual, any help from Gondola Project readers would be greatly appreciated. Take a look:


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  1. It seems like starting point is the hotel and station Estelar El Cable and goes up to the University hospital on a hill about 1.2 km away down south, followed by another direction going south east for about 1 km and ending at the Manizales terminal. So all together about 2.2 km. Pictures: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=537501&page=6
  2. Oh, you discovered it here: https://www.gondolaproject.com/forum/topic.php?id=29 §:o)
  3. # "We can’t locate any system length." Yes, have a look here: https://www.gondolaproject.com/forum/topic.php?id=29 §:o)
  4. Actually I discovered it totally by chance somewhere else, but touché. Clearly I've not been spending enough time in the forums.
  5. Hmmm, I'm not looking into the forum so much either and it's a pity since Guenther for instance puts so much information in. Maybe instead of "most popular posts" on the right side of this site here you could add "recent posts" and/or comments from the forums (but on top, because it really is important). I see much sense in that.
  6. Here some details of the installation "Cable Aereo de Manizales" Length of line 1915 m Capacity 2100 pphpd/1530 pphpd Number of Cabins 58 / 42 Cabins capacity 10 passenger (8 seat + 2 stand) Cable diameter 46 mm System velocity 5 m/s Number of towers 13 I'm not completely sure about the concept of METRO CABLE for this installation because is not conected with any "metro" system as (CAracas, Medellin or Rio). I consider this is not a METRO CABLE At the moment is operating 42 cabins for 1530 pphpd
  7. Thanks, Franck! Interesting . . . So it doesn't function as mass transit? What is the purpose of the system?
  8. Its is working as a mass transit, but not linked with a METRO system. The drive Station is Just beside to the Terminal Bus Station of the city and is coneccting this zone (that is also residential) to the center. Also the intermedia station is in a populated area. So mainly is conecting to the center some populated areas situated in a montainous zone. The pourpose is to integrated the cable gondola transport with buses (urban transport of the city) but at the moment is just working as independent transport and is part of a couple of lines that are still in project. the system is operating 7 days a week from 6 to 22 hour is working as a Urban transport. This is a link from Leitner maybe is appeearing in one of the "Guenter Ecker" post http://en.leitner-technologies.com/Home/NEWS-8er-Kabinenbahn-Mitten-im-Stadtzentrum-Manizales-Kolumbien Steven thanks for the Gondola project for sure all these posts are a good contribution for public transportation around the world
  9. This is not a "Metro Cable" because Manizales has no Metro, I believe. Manizales has a good Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)-System like Curitiba. But you find enough about metro cable Manizales at youtube.
  10. Mr. Guenther ecker, but neither has it manizales BRT, the BRT are the worst in Latin America and Latin American BRT as it was just a business opportunity to keep bothering you and giving a cheap option to build a Metro system, the truth is that the BRT is a system that collapses the medium term, and much more in large cities (more than one million inhabitants), the LRT or Monorail, systems are more economical in the long and medium term that the BRT, and apologize if I deviate good the subject but if you have Metrocable Manizales, be heavy or not train is called "Metro" to that system you cross a city like mass transit, and may be said that for a city of 400 000 inhabitants is a system that gives the nail with the economy being the substantial electric and comfort of a taxi. Diesel + bus must stop so that we can prevent further damage to our beloved planet
  11. This does not fall under, but that post excuse me Mr. Steven Dale is doing the opposite, if this product supports the CTP, you should not underestimate a country that wants to get ahead, Colombia is not a power but if the economy 4th of Latin America who has good balance of debt, if we wanted to have Metro in every city we would do but that is not money that is wasted everything must be planned, Colombia is one of the best decentralized countries in seven major cities BRT was implemented, (although I do not see the BRT beneficial, knowing that there are systems like Monorail and LRT but that is a separate issue), the question is that Colombia deserves respect, also is one of the friendly countries of USA, which eventhough it has often been dirtied his name with bad publicity, which we live today is different from what happened 20 years ago, is a different country, and well as the saying goes "the most beautiful of the human condition is humility."
  12. Jhon this is not a post for defend a country or city that no one is atacking, every transport system even BRT or LRT should have a good application depending of the circunstances, perhaps no always CPT are the best option, and one last thing maybe you are so proud of the economy of Colombia , but in transport is going to take a little bit more to get proud, I dont want to ofend, but is still making the feasibity studies for Bogota Metro, so is not true that Colombia has resources for having Metro in every city, so please dont be offended ,
  13. The studies Bogota Metro, I accept, but this is not the city that can not is that there was no political will in addition to the influences of ITDP, who swindled several Latin American cities, was much more difficult to make a Metro Think about it, and I reiterate that if true my country if you can build at least three meters in the main cities, give you an example Venezuela a country that closely resembles us have this system in three major cities, and that GDP and GDP percapita is much lower than ours and not to mention the healthy credit history of Colombia, excuse me you made this post politicized, but each nation defends her and I know her very well, I hope someday they come, are cordially invited

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