1. Steven, I didn't have time to read the full article (for now), but I already wrote the comment line, about the advantage in our particular case: Gondola transit IS fun. For reasons everybody should know: it's unique, it is different, it is elevated. <-- only some fun-aspects.
  2. Matt the Engineer
    A few years back Seattle had a waterfront streetcar. It was slow, infrequent, and only went 1.6 miles. As a mode of transit it made little sense. Because of some construction issues it was shut down and replaced with a free(!) bus that was faster. Ridership plummeted. The bus still drives the route, with "Waterfront Trolley" painted on the side, and is still free, but it's always empty. Why would so many more people ride an old, slow streetcar rather than a fast, free bus? Because it's fun. Tourists rode it, but so did locals. You'd ride it sometimes just to ride it - with the added benefit of ending up at Pioneer Square or the International District for some lunch.
  3. bikes are fun too!
  4. Interesting. I think that's something to consider with the San Francisco cable cars as well. People forget that local commuters use it as well. It's little-known that many locals will use it free of charge as a quick way to jump between areas in the city as it's the most effective and fun means to do so - they're not supposed to get a free ride, but they do.
  5. There is one mayor pleasure while riding whatever mode - the fun of overtaking. When riding a bicycle, I sometimes wait for rush hour just to be able to overtake cars and buses stranded on mayor streets. Not too rational, but fun.
  6. Totally agree about making things more fun = more focus on design "experience". For me that means making public transport as a public space or cultural element- not just a means to A-B. Where I'm from, as part of a music festival they had put live music on commuter trains and I thought why is it not that fun everyday? Here it is in another format - Phoenix taking over a Paris Bus - And I had seen this where LA Metro were getting clever in the rebranding transit - Transit change is many layers of strategy - and "fun" definitely ought to be one of them
  7. Toms, But what you're getting at is the implicit irrationality of our behavior - that's important and something transit planners all too often ignore.
  8. This bus commercial made it onto "Clash of the Commercials: USA vs. the World":
  9. Great article.

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